Diary of an IT Architect

Copypastable tutorials I wrote for my reference. You're welcome.

It would be unfair to say that Poptop wasn’t doing a good job as my choice of PPTP server on OpenBSD for quite some time. It did meet all my requirements: it worked on OpenBSD, provided my Windows users with the ability to connect to VPN with software included in base system, and authenticated users from Active Directory. I was never quite happy administering it, however. I am not sure if it was due to its obstreperous and incomprehensible config files or terrible session monitoring capabilities. One way or another, we never got used to each other. As of OpenBSD 5.3, npppd – New Point to Point Protocol Daemon – became a part of OpenBSD base system. The following article describes how to configure it as a PPTP server which authenticates users from RADIUS.

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