Welcome to Mimar

Take a look around, there are some nice tutorials, mostly about network and unix administration.

I am Marko Cupańá

I am trying to be an overall good person, a good husband and father to my wife and two sons. I like playing loud electronic music to crowds, retro videogames, BSD flavours of Unix, and other stuff not worth mentioning on homepages.


I'm an IT architect

I'm constantly in search for best ways to integrate various kinds of hardware and software in order to make the Internet a bit more stable and secure place, having fun along the way. I am adding value to my clients' businesses by building high quality, enterprise grade solutions based on free and open source software.


My Work

I specialise in design, implementation and long-term maintenance of highly available, resilient information networks and systems. I prefer to use free, open source technologies as building blocks for my designs. My favourite operating systems are OpenBSD for networking solutions and FreeBSD for user-facing services. On top of them I build systems which integrate services such as storage, directory, web, database, instant messaging and real-time communication, performance monitoring, backup and others. Most of my work time is dedicated to my long-time employer, but I also have some spare time for consulting. Drop me a line in the form below if you have interesting project which you think I can contribute to.

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