Welcome to Mimar

Take a look around, there are some nice tutorials, mostly about network and unix administration.

I am Marko Cupańá

I am trying to be an overall good person, a good husband and father to my wife and two sons. I like playing loud electronic music to crowds, retro videogames, BSD flavours of Unix, and other stuff not worth mentioning on homepages.


I'm an IT architect

I'm constantly in search for best ways to integrate various kinds of hardware and software in order to make the world a better place, having fun along the way. I am adding value to my clients' businesses by building high quality, enterprise grade solutions based on free and open source software.


My Work

Coming soon, or maybe sometime later. In the meantime, check out some tutorials I wrote in blog section.

Drop me a line

I know, I know. I mean, who uses these contact forms on websites? Do they even work?

Just kidding. Below form routes mail directly to my primary mailbox.