Diary of an IT Architect

Copypastable tutorials I wrote for my reference. You're welcome.

Uploading websites to their document roots was traditionally done by means of FTP. FTP is an ancient beast which should probably be eradicated from the Internet, mostly because it uses cleartext communication for both authentication (meaning it's trivial to sniff out credentials on the wire) and data transfer (meaning it's prone to MITM attacks). However, a lot of old-school web programmers are used to their FTP clients, such as FileZilla, and not too eager to learn new stuff. This article explains how to set up ProFTPD server in SFTP mode listening on non-standard port, whose clients - virtual users - will be authenticated from MySQL database and chrooted to their directories. Virtual users won't have local shell access, as opposed to local users who can ssh to standard port provided by FreeBSD's built-in ssh server, but they will be able to transfer files securely without the need to move away from FileZilla.

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