Diary of an IT Architect

Copypastable tutorials I wrote for my reference. You're welcome.

FreeBSD offers two basic technologies for installing third-party applications. The easiest way is installing precompiled packages from official FreeBSD's package repositories. Somewhat more complicated, but more flexible way is compiling and installing applications using ports. Main shortcoming of official precompiled packages is the fact that they are being built with default set of options, whereas advanced setups often need to enable non-default option (e.g. LDAP authentication), change target database support (e.g. PostgreSQL instead of MySQL), or to disable undesirable default option (e.g. X11 support on headless servers). Luckily, there's additional way which combines flexibility of ports with simplicity of packages provided by Poudriere. The following article will help you set your own FreeBSD package repository where you will be able to compile your own packages from ports, and serve them to your other FreeBSD boxes. In a jail, of course!

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